Types of schizophrenia:

Paranoid schizophrenia:

The most common subcategory of Schizophrenia is paranoid schizophrenia. In this type, the Person Conduces to lose the contact with the real world by fighting with heavy Anxiety and anxiety. Other name of this sort. The individual encounters illogical thinking And action. The actions are tremendously triggered by environmental factors.

Hebephrenic Schizophrenia

Disorganized schizophrenia is the other name of this type. The individual encounters illogical thinking and actions. The actions are highly triggered by environmental factors.

Catatonic Schizophrenia

It is a rare Kind of schizophrenia Where the person experiences group of symptoms, that influence and Develop schizophrenia. The main symptom is Stupor - no response and Movement in somebody's body and mind.

Undifferentiated Schizophrenia

The suffering individual May not fit into a predetermined category. Rather displays both positive And negative symptoms oscillates over the period of time.

Residual Schizophrenia

In this type, the person might develop the long term history of negative symptoms.

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Symptoms of schizophrenia:

Illogical thinking
Disorganized speech
Stupor- No response and movement in the individual's body and mind
Waxy flexibility - if an individual's body part is placed in a position it will not be moved until someone else moves it
Difficulty feeling pleasure
False, fixed beliefs Bahrain Evisa

Schizophrenia is also referred to as split personality disorder and it affects guys additional recurrently compared to girls. A number of facets play critical role in aggravating the symptoms of this disease and these problems are hereditary parameters, early surroundings, neurobiology, bodily and social processes. Some medications also contribute a tiny part in creating the condition of the patient poorer.

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Schizophrenia is an amazing illustration of mental muddle which is exemplified by crumbling of thought processes and emotional receptiveness. It may be straightforwardly recognized by auditory hallucinations, paranoid or eccentric illusions, dislocated language or thinking aptitude pursued by social or occupational dysfunction. The warning signs initiate untimely from the adulthood. The disorder is known to affect about 1% of the population with approximately 2 million patients in the United States
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